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Tara: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Being born with clubfoot is a very common limb defect. Early treatment is much easier for the child and usually results in a relatively normal foot appearance and function. LWB is grateful to be working with An Orphan’s Wish, which operates a facility specializing in clubfoot casting using the gentle Ponseti method. Children sent to this facility receive clubfoot casting treatment and care, bracing and physical therapy as necessary, as well as educational services… all in a loving environment.  By partnering together, we are able to help more orphaned children in China receive the specialized care they need.

Because each child’s situation and medical circumstances are unique, it is difficult to predict exactly how long the casting process will take to get the best possible outcome. Funds that were originally raised can be depleted and yet a child may need to stay longer to complete their casting. Tara, a beautiful girl being helped by LWB, is in just that situation.
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Watch What I Can Do!

“Watch what I can do!”

Last summer, we featured Janie from our Xiao Xian foster care program in a piece called “The Face of Determination”.  Some of you may remember that Janie wished she could walk and run like the other children and was determined to do so; in fact, I nicknamed her Miss Determination! She would push a stool around or walk by hanging onto the wall. Janie wanted nothing more than to walk like her friends, and she begged her foster mom to “fix” her legs.

Janie, who is now four years old, went to An Orphan’s Wish to have her legs straightened and strengthened. Thanks to the Trowers and the wonderful treatment she received in Guilin, Janie’s dream came true! But don’t take our word for it — you can see the Janie’s joy for yourself as she demonstrates her newfound independence.
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