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Fostering Creativity in Cambodia

When LWB opened our new Believe in Me schools in rural Cambodia, we knew that art, creative writing, and music needed to become a regular part of the curriculum. Most government schools use a rote memorization system, and many of the children had never created artwork before or even seen a crayon. We’re excited to be making an investment in the arts, purchasing guitars and other instruments so the children can begin music lessons at an early age.

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Closing the “ER”

This past week we had to make the difficult decision to temporarily close our medical program to any new children with critical medical needs. The reason? Because we currently have so many urgent children on our website who haven’t been funded for their surgeries yet that we sadly cannot take on any more. I think most people who follow LWB’s work know that our medical program is run entirely by volunteers – amazing, giving, compassionate people who do this work because they want to help save lives – and so it is very hard to continue to have orphanages call us asking for help for their sickest babies, knowing that saying “no” means that child will most likely not survive. Saying NO to a child who is clinging to life…. well, I know you realize how terrible and gut wrenching that is. Read more.

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Art from Anqing

Thanks to a generous school in Holland who recently held a Love Without Boundaries fundraiser, the orphanage assistance program was able to provide children in Anqing with 163 bags of Nestle milk powder.

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The Beauty of Art

“Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature.” Cicero

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Summer School Art

Summer activities are in session for the students in the Believe In Me Huainan, Anhui program. A fun and helpful resource for boosting individual pride through expression, Summer Palace program involves the children pursuing artful adventures with instructional and freeform projects.

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