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Take My Hand To The Healing Home

Two weeks ago, newborn Baby Kirstin was found abandoned and weak, struggling to breathe. The orphanage that took her in called us immediately to see if we could help. Of course, we agreed and rushed her to the hospital.

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Help Save a Child’s Life…Through Art!

Every year our art auction raises essential funds for our medical program so that babies like little Fallon can get a second chance.  When Fallon’s orphanage phoned us last week, they told us she was extremely blue, short of breath, and hot with fever.  We moved her urgently to a cardiac hospital, and she will need surgery to survive. Read more.

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A Reminder from Emilio to Help Heartbridge – Shop the “Born in My Heart” Art Auction, April 22-27!

Meet Emillio. Doesn’t he have a winning smile? But this adorable little boy didn’t have much to smile about just a few short months ago.

Emillio was born in October 2009. This tiny baby came into orphanage care with a severe bowel obstruction. Love Without Boundaries was contacted about him, and our medical team was able to arrange immediate surgery to save his life. After a successful surgery, Emillio recovered for two weeks in the hospital and then returned to the care of his orphanage.
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How Many Kids Will Our Auction Help?

Our annual “Born in My Heart” Art Auction on eBay was held from April 23 to 28, and was a huge success!

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Thanks to the Art Auction . . .

. . . Baby Xiao’s Life is Forever Changed! As we are preparing for this year’s Art Auction on eBay beginning April 23, I went through the list of the 13 children with heart disease that were helped with the proceeds last year.

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Save the Date and Help Save a Life!

Love Without Boundaries’ 6th annual “Born in My Heart” Art Auction goes live next week!

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Update on Jia

You may remember our sweet Jia who was the subject of a painting called, “Jia, Portrait of Hope.”

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Quick . . . The Deadline is Approaching!

The deadline to donate to the annual “Born in My Heart” art auction fundraiser is April 1st! If you would like to donate, email us right away at auction@lwbmail.com this week. The eBay Auction will take place April 23-28.

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Can You Be a Child’s Special Valentine?

In every orphanage in China , children in need of heart surgery wait. Every breath labored, every movement an effort. They wait….

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