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Dreaming Big for Tegan

Meet Tegan, a darling four-year-old from our Rangsei Believe In Me school who is in need of additional sponsors. Tegan attends school with her sister and brother and also has a baby brother who stays home with her mom. During our team’s recent visit to their region of rural Cambodia, we were able to chat with Tegan’s mom. She shared with us more about the daily hardships her family faces as well as their determination to keep their children in school.

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Empowering The Children of Rangsei Village: Isabelle

This week we have introduced you to just a few of the over 180 children who are attending our Believe in Me Rangsei school in rural Cambodia. The final child we want you to meet is little Isabelle, one of the ten children from the local dumpsite who are now able to receive an education. When we first visited the children at the landfill, we knew something urgently had to be done in order to help change their futures. Nine-year-old Isabelle was one of the first children who greeted us as we walked through what seemed to be a sea of garbage, flies, and waste.

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Heath’s Desire to Learn

Last month, one of our Cambodia team members met a young boy named Heath. Heath is eleven years old and has severe cerebral palsy. He always wondered what was inside books and wanted to learn to read so badly. However, Heath has never been able to attend school due to his special needs. The very first thing we arranged for Heath was new crutches to help him with mobility, but then we began talking with his family about how it could become possible for this bright little boy to finally go to school.

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