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The 2015 Cleft Medical Exchange: Billy, Ella, and Samuel’s Stories

We are just about two weeks away from the start of our 2015 Cleft Medical Exchange. We want to thank everyone for your kindness and generosity in sponsoring children for their surgeries. LWB is blessed with the most AMAZING supporters! We will of course be blogging each day during the week of the exchange, but we wanted to share a few stories of the children coming ahead of time, so that as you follow along that week, you will know some of their background.


For those new to this type of surgery, you should know that a cleft refers to any gap in a child’s soft tissue, bone, or both. Read more.

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Penny: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week


When we first met Penny, she was seven months old and weighed less than 10 pounds. Penny was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, which can cause difficulties with eating. However, she was also struggling with keeping food down, and her physician and her caregivers were not sure why.
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Abby’s Journey

A little over a year ago little Abby was admitted to LWB’s Henan Healing Home. Because of her bilateral cleft lip and palate, she had great difficulty feeding, and the HHH nannies set her up with a feeding tube. Having reached a healthy weight, Abby was able to be part of LWB’s cleft exchange trip held in April last year. After a difficult surgery, her results looked amazing. Happy to be rid of her feeding tube hat, Abby smiled more, became less shy, and gained more weight as feeding was so much easier. Read more.

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Joseph: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Little Joseph came to our Henan Cleft Healing Home (HCHH) as a three-week-old with pneumonia. He was in and out of the hospital multiple times to cure his respiratory infections. We have been so concerned over this little fellow as he often has low grade fevers and has had an ongoing battle with ear infections. Below is a photo of Joseph when he first entered HCHH.
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