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It’s a Girl

My older sister recently had a baby, and it was great to get to follow along with her nine month journey.  The most exciting part of the pregnancy for my relatives, however, was the hardest part for me  – her sonogram.


You know the scene:  family gathered all around in a small room, admiring the images of the new baby on the screen. And when the tech announced, “It’s a girl!” everyone cheered and was overjoyed. That was  hard moment for me, though, because in all the happiness I had a feeling of dread come over me.  My mind went to when my birthmother was pregnant with me.  What was her and my birthfather’s reaction to me being a girl? Read more.

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In This Moment

Last week I took my daughter to see her favorite singer, Taylor Swift, at a concert here in Oklahoma City.  We were laughing and having a wonderful time before the show, and then the lights went down and there was that “moment” that I have experienced over and over again since Anna’s adoption – where I am completely overcome with emotion at getting to be her mom.

For me, these moments often come at the beginning of certain events – her first Disney movie, her first dance recital, the first time she proudly waved to me on stage during a school spelling bee.  Time seems to stand still, and I get a feeling so sharp and piercing in my heart that it brings tears to my eyes and leaves me breathless.
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“Who’s Your Real Mom?”

We are really enjoying hearing your thoughts on LWB Community’s “Conversation of the Week”!   Two weeks ago, we asked if you had seriously considered searching for your child’s birthparents.  Half of you responded that you had thought about it but know it would be almost impossible.  25% of you felt that it was up to your child to initiate that search when they are older, 8% said that they had no desire to find out their identity, and 17% said that they were actively taking steps to find them!

With such a wide variety of responses, we are sure you’ll have lots to say about our topic for this week.  Certainly, every adopted child of school age has heard this question from one of their friends:  “Who is your real mom, and why did she give you up?”  
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