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Uganda Pediatric Surgery Mission: Day Four

The medical team in Uganda has definitely found an amazing rhythm, as today 38 children received operations. That is something truly wonderful to celebrate!  Let’s all give a standing ovation to this amazing group of doctors and nurses who have come together at Holy Innocents Children’s Hospital this week with the sole purpose of helping kids find healing.

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Adopting a Child With Vision Impairment

Before adopting a blind child, I really believed life would be a lot different once she came home, and it has been, but it hasn’t been her blindness that has held her back. This is how it began: Her picture came through my Facebook newsfeed just like so many children before her, but this time something was different.

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Sending Life-Changing Wheelchairs To Kids In Uganda

We were recently able to deliver four wheelchairs to children with special needs in Uganda. Although it took over a year to get them there, their arrival has been truly life-changing for a couple of the children in particular at the Mukono Healing Home. Andre has been so excited to be able to get around quickly. He can push himself a bit, but he truly loves to be pushed around.

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A Trip to the Hospital in Phnom Penh

When we were in Cambodia several weeks ago, we met some children in need of medical assistance. Last week, they traveled almost ten hours from their village to the capital of Phnom Penh to be evaluated at the hospital there.

Rachel and Sara were going to the capital to be evaluated for prosthetic eyes. Several years ago, Rachel, who is fifteen, was bit by an insect and subsequently lost her right eye due to infection. Read more.

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Seamus’s Hopeful Heart

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart. ~Helen Keller

Blind and partially deaf, three-year-old Seamus is an inspiration to everyone in his Hunan village.  All who know him comment on how much hope and joy he brings to those around him.   Read more.

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Seamus, a Tiny Bundle of Cheer

These rosy cheeks tell a story of cheer, happiness, and warmth!

Seamus, previously featured on our blog in “Seamus’ Smile,” is keeping toasty through this Hunan winter all bundled in his two sweaters, a thick coat, a pair of sweater pants, a pair of over trousers, socks, and cotton shoes. As warm as he must be, he seems happy as ever! Read more.

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An Adoption Story: Joshua

Song is a boy who will remain imprinted in the memories of many of LWB volunteers and supporters. He was first featured on our blog in “Song’s Story,” and again in “Singing for Song.” Song had a difficult beginning in life and lost both eyes due to retinal blastoma, but we just knew in our hearts that the perfect family was waiting for this extremely bright and resilient boy.  Happily, Song was adopted nearly two months ago by a wonderful family and is now known as Joshua. Joshua’s parents recently shared his incredible adoption story. Read more.

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I seldom think about my limitations, and they never make me sad. Perhaps there is just a touch of yearning at times; but it is vague, like a breeze among flowers. — Helen Keller

What a dedicated foster father Kai has! We love the adoration on his face and hope that he will instill a sense of security in nearly two-year-old Kai, who will certainly need every advantage that he can get as he begins his life. Little Kai was diagnosed with retinoblastoma (a cancerous tumor in the retina) and had surgery to remove his right eyeball in January.
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Gena’s In Charge!

Last fall we ran a blog about a darling four-year-old named Gena from our Zhaotong foster care program. Gena was born with no eyes, and her eyelids are fused shut. However, this seems to have intesified Gena’s determination to become independent and to make her opinions known. Our foster care manager reports that Gena is becoming more and more confident and can even be, well, a little bossy! She recognizes each of the family member’s cell phone ring tones.  When she hears a phone ring, she calls out the name of the relevant owner and tells them to answer the phone. When she hears the family meal being prepared, she instructs everyone to take their places at the table. When adults ask one another to do tasks such as clean the floor or help with the food preparation, Gena is always there to repeat the instruction and ensure that everyone does as he or she is told.
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Suzy’s Song — Encore!

Last week we shared a blog about a very special girl named Suzy who has a gorgeous, crystal-clear voice. Some readers were not able to view the video of Suzy singing, so we’re running an encore presentation with videos that will hopefully work better this time around.

In fall 2010, we featured lovely twelve-year-old Suzy on our blog in Suzy: Look With the Heart. Suzy is part of our Zhaotong foster care program in Yunnan and attends a boarding school for the blind with her foster brother, who is also completely blind. She has just enjoyed spending the spring holiday home from boarding school with her foster grandmother, with whom she is very close. When her grandmother’s back aches from doing the household chores, Suzy is so kind to her and rubs her back to help her relax.  After meal times, she also tries to help her foster grandmother by straightening up the kitchen. She knows where all of the bowls and kitchen pans belong and can put them all away on her own.
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