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A Boy’s Plea To Live

Fourteen-year-old Chun Xia lives with his mother in an extremely poor area of China.  When his father passed away two years ago from heart failure, Chun Xia took it quite hard and suffered from headaches, loss of appetite and fatigue. At first, his mother didn’t worry too much. When his complaints became more serious every day, his mother took him to a big hospital in the city of Xian as their area has a serious lack of medical resources.  The hospital discovered that like his father, Chun Xia also suffers from congenital VSD in addition to pulmonary hypertension (PH).  Congential VSD is not considered a particularly serious heart disease, but surgery can be quite risky when combined with PH.  Chun Xia and his mother were quite shocked and upset by this news as they did not have any idea that he suffered from the same heart problems that caused his father’s death.

With hopeful hearts, Chun Xia and his mother traveled to Shanghai in search of medical help. Read more.

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