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Bubbles for Isabelle

We’d like to introduce our readers to a very special family with whom LWB is partnering in the coming year. The Van Der Meer family heard about LWB through the Ashley Campbell Incubator Project a few months ago and contacted us about working with us in conjunction with their organization called “Bubbles for Isabelle” an organization formed to honor the memory of the Van Der Meer’s daughter, Isabelle.  Kelley Van Der Meer writes to tell us about her beloved daughter and why they have chosen to honor her by helping children in need in China.


In May 2011, we lost our gorgeous, happy, sparkling two-year-old daughter Isabelle due to complications from a virus that had reached her brain. There is no blueprint for surviving a loss like this, but we are trying. And through all of our questions “why?” and through all of our tears, it is still our duty as her parents to see that her life – and her death – be met with beauty and meaning. Bubbles for Isabelle is one way we honor her throughout the years, and through doing so, help others. Read more.

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