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First Steps of the Adoption Process: What Happens in China

Friends and supporters of LWB often ask us if the children we feature on our website or social media are eligible for adoption. While LWB isn’t directly involved in the adoption process, many of the orphanages we work with do participate in international adoptions. So we do know a little something about the basic procedures involved in registering a child for adoption in China.

PearlchopsticksPearl, who is waiting on the Shared List

For those who may be wondering about all of these different steps in adoption registration in China, we have included an outline below. Read more.

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Domestic Adoption on the Rise

Lilly, who lived in our Healing Homes program, and her adoptive parents.

A second main reason for the shift in orphanage populations is that domestic adoption has increased substantially in China. Many people point to the Sichuan earthquake as one of the major turning points, as the topic of adoption was discussed extensively due to the number of children orphaned in the quake. Thousands of people posted online that they were open to adopting a child. The CCCWA in Beijing (the national agency responsible for international adoptions) now has a separate department specifically for domestic adoption, although most are still handled at the local level. Read more.

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Kimmie: An Education Success Story

Kimmie, a seven-year-old girl in our Believe in Me Changde School, is a lovely young girl! We first met her in 2007 at a physical and occupational therapy camp held at the Changde orphanage. At that time the orphanage director was reluctant to let Kimmie join in class lessons, but a few determined LWB volunteers helped to change the director’s mind.

Kimmie at PT camp

Not long after the camp, this precious young lady walked for the first time, with the use of a walker donated at the camp. As Kimmie does with most everything, she approached walking with tremendous determination and a gigantic smile. Read more.

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How Has Adoption Touched Your Life?

Although Love Without Boundaries is not an adoption agency, many of the children we have the honor of working with will be adopted, and many of us who work with LWB have been touched by adoption. It is our belief that all children deserve a permanent family. We are passionate about special needs adoption and helping children born with medical needs, which makes the month of November extra important to us since is it National Adoption Awareness Month. November 19, 2011, marks the 12th National Adoption Day in the U.S.
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A Look at Lauren

Excitement continues to grow as we learn of more children whose files are finally available for matching with prospective families. It is such a pleasure to be able to get to know these children in greater detail and to share their stories with all of our blog readers. Lauren is one of these children who has just become available for adoption, and we want to help you get to know her better! 
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Adoption Advocacy and Requests for Medical Updates

Love Without Boundaries is so proud to be able to provide medical care, foster care, and education services to better the lives of children in China. This has been our mission from the start, and we work each day to always think of the child first and foremost. In turn, our hope is that the children in our programs will become increasingly more likely to be adopted or become self-sustaining members of their communities. However, there are often times we are limited in what we can do. We carefully follow the guidelines and regulations set by the Chinese government and work together in the best interest of the child.

The children in our programs, while we are involved in their care, fall under the guardianship of the orphanage and the CCCWA (The China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption). LWB is never the guardian of the child, and we make all of our decisions in coordination and with the agreement of the child’s guardians.
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