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Impact Investing – What’s Behind the Curtain?

Is it possible to put a pricetag on the life of a child?  Unfortunately, thanks to many new metrics systems, I think some people are starting to do just that, even if they have the best of intentions.  At givewell.org for example, they encourage people to give to charities who can save a life for the least amount possible.  They state on their website:

We consider anything under $2,000 per life saved (or equivalent, according to one’s subjective values about how to compare other sorts of impacts to lives saved) to be excellent cost-effectiveness. We consider anything over $20,000 per life saved (or equivalent) to be excessive for the cause of international aid, as it implies more than an order of magnitude higher costs than the strongest programs.

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Journey to Guizhou – Reflections

All of the wonderful people who volunteer for LWB know that I have a few rules about going on an official trip. One of them is that you can’t cry when you are in an orphanage, even though I know all too well that it is absolutely overwhelming at times to walk in and see crib after crib, filled with babies living without a mom or dad. The reason for this rule is that I never want any orphanage caregiver to misunderstand our tears. I would never want them to feel that we are crying out of judgment.
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Visiting Our Lu’an Foster Care Children

On April 17th and 18th, 2009, Gina Hall (Lu’An Foster Care Assistant) accompanied me to visit the Lu’An Foster Care Children.

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Amy Eldridge – 3rd Annual Reader’s Choice Smart Cookie Award Winner

Surreal is the word that we have been using all week….there is no other word to describe the events on Monday.

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LWB Spain to Anhui

Jone, our representative from LWB Spain, who with her travel companion Aitor, left Shanghai today and traveled to Hefei, Anhui. Today they visited the Hefei SWI and the Anhui Cleft Healing Home. Here are today’s gorgeous pictures from their travels. Here are some pictures from the orphanage And also some from the Healing Home Please […]

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GiveList for LWB

Have you heard about the GiveList? It is an incredible resource of ways to “support communities and causes this holiday season that don’t necessarily require writing a check” that is sweeping the social networking world. LWB wanted to take part in this list as well. While we of course can’t do any of our work […]

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