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Michael from Chenzhou

Being a twelve-year old boy on the shared list of children waiting for adoption is not easy. These boys are often overlooked as potential adoptive parents are looking for children who are younger. Michael is the oldest boy in our programs waiting to be chosen by a family, and we wanted to feature him again today to let everyone know this wonderful boy is still waiting!


Michael is a twelve-year old student in our Education program in Chenzhou, Hunan. As you can see from these photos, he has a sunken right eye. What you can’t see is that he also he is a considerate boy with a big heart! Read more.

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Grace, Full of Life!

Grace is a little girl full of life!


As a part of our Education program in Hunan since 2012, Grace is known to be very polite and neat at school.  Her teachers have seen two years of her enthusiasm and cheerfulness. Now, the hope is that she will bring that to a family through adoption! Read more.

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Daisy and Michael, Waiting Still

When there are so many children who are waiting to be matched with families each day, it is not uncommon for a child to be looked over a few times before the perfect family for them finally finds them.  Michael and Daisy are two such children. They have been waiting on the shared list for some time now and are currently in our education program in Chenzhou.  We are so excited to be able to share the news that their orphanage has agreed to WAIVE their orphanage donation fee for any families interested in adopting these children!


Daisy is nine years old. This little flower is full of self-esteem and independence. Her confidence radiates as she performs, and she immediately volunteers herself to be chosen to be in activities or performances at her special needs school. Read more.

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A Big Year for Charlie

The young man who possesses this brilliant smile is Charlie, and 2012 is starting out as an eventful year for him. He has started attending school in LWB’s Education program (and we couldn’t be happier to have him) and has also had his adoption paperwork filed! Since Charlie is almost 12 years old, his chance to be adopted is unfortunately limited by time. Read more.

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Handsome Hunan Boys In Need of A Little Help

We are excited to introduce you to the four handsome boys in LWB’s newest education program in Chenzhou, Hunan. LWB wants to help these four children attend a private special needs school as they are unable to attend the public school. Without a sponsor, these boys will not have the means to attend school of any kind. However, with your help we will be able to pay for them to go to this private school which fortunately costs no more than the public school.

Our first handsome young man is Charlie, an 11-year-old boy. He just has the best smile, doesn’t he!? We can’t wait to hear more about his personality as we begin to receive updates on his educational progress.
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