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A Healed Heart for Celine

Since her birth, Baby Celine had struggled with her health due to a lack of oxygen in her blood. She had been born with a complex hear defect which could not be repaired in her home country of Uganda, and we recently shared with you on our blog Celine’s Brave Fight that she would be traveling from Uganda to Israel for heart surgery.

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LWB’s 2019 Cleft Exchange – Day Three

Happy Day Three everyone!  Our team had another wonderful day in Lanzhou, with 9 children receiving surgery.  First up, of course, was morning rounds, to make sure every child who had surgery the day before was doing well post-op.  Two-second summary – they are! Kamryn’s lip repair looks absolutely beautiful, as you can see below.  […]

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LWB’s 2019 Cleft Exchange – Day One

Welcome to LWB’s Cleft Trip 2019!  We’re so happy to have you following along. This year’s exchange is based in western China, in Gansu’s capital city of Lanzhou. We are honored to once again be working alongside the doctors at Gansu Provincial Hospital and can’t wait to share news and photos from this life-changing week. […]

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Last week, a tiny baby boy came into the world weighing just 1 kg.  When he was found outside, he was taken to the local orphanage.  Staff there called LWB immediately to see if we could help him, as his body was extremely cold and he was spitting up green fluid.  


We moved this fragile preemie to the biggest children’s hospital in his province, where he remains today fighting for his life. Read more.

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Stable in the ICU

Yesterday we told you about two babies from our healing homes who were having surgery on the same day for complex heart defects.  We are so happy to report that both Chandler and Dominic came through their operations beautifully. Both children received BT shunt surgery, which is used to increase pulmonary blood flow.  This is often called the “first stage” surgery, and so both children will need an additional operation in the future.

SONY DSCLittle Chandler Post-Op

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Healing Home Grads

Just as June is the month for many high school and college grads around the world, it’s also been a time of celebration for many babies in our healing homes. The last few weeks we have been called by so many orphanages with really sick babies needing one-on-one care, and so it was time for some of the children in our homes to move onto LWB foster care to make way for new arrivals.  When little Noah came into our hands as a preemie, he weighed just under four pounds at one month old.   Now topping the scales at over 16 pounds, he is settling into life with his new foster mom. Read more.

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Journey to Guizhou – Reflections

All of the wonderful people who volunteer for LWB know that I have a few rules about going on an official trip. One of them is that you can’t cry when you are in an orphanage, even though I know all too well that it is absolutely overwhelming at times to walk in and see crib after crib, filled with babies living without a mom or dad. The reason for this rule is that I never want any orphanage caregiver to misunderstand our tears. I would never want them to feel that we are crying out of judgment.
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Journey to Guizhou – Day Five (Liuzhi)

The journey to Liuzhi can only be described as HARROWING, and I would like to recommend to anyone traveling between mountain cities in Guizhou that their train system is lovely. : -) Picture mountain cliffs with no railing, two lane roads with trucks passing around corners, fog, wind, rain, and thousand foot drop offs. When we finally made it to the city, our driver told us he was happy we did it in the dark, as he thought our hearts wouldn’t have taken doing it during the day. That certainly made me smile.
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Journey to Guizhou – Day Four (Liupanshui)

We took a three hour train from Guiyang, through the rural countryside of Guizhou to get to our next destination of Liupanshui. The passing scenery was beautiful, with crop terraces all up the mountains. Whereas the eastern side of Guizhou has many homes made of wood, the western side has white stone and concrete houses, but still with the traditional Chinese style curved tile roofs.
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Journey to Guizhou – Day Three (Tongren)

Guizhou gets more rainfall than any other province in China, and travel throughout the mountainous regions can be a real adventure, with winding dirt roads and rockslides. I want to give a public shout out of thanks to our most excellent van driver who got us to all of our destinations safely. Tongren is a mountainous city in the northeast part of the province, with absolutely beautiful scenic spots such as the Nine Dragon Cave and Jinjiang River.
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