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Children’s Day 2020

June 1 is International Children’s Day, a time set aside to promote the welfare and well-being of children around the world.  In China, this day is usually a favorite for children living in orphanages as they are often treated to a special meal or receive gifts of fruit or sweets.  Many orphanages will take the children in their care to parks or other outdoor locations as well.  This year in China COVID-19 restrictions meant that many of the celebrations for orphaned children, including the kids in our healing home, were held indoors.

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Happy Children’s Day!

June 1st is Children’s Day, and all across China activities are taking place to celebrate the importance of childhood. What a perfect day to reflect on our belief that Every Child Counts. All of us at LWB send our deepest thanks to you for impacting the lives of so many children across China during the last fourteen years.

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In Honor of International Children’s Day

Around the world, International Children’s Day is celebrated on June 1. In China, Children’s Day, or Liù Yi Guójì Értóng Jié, honors the child. This day is celebrated with something special to most children — a day off of school! There are many performances and cultural activities celebrating the child on this day.

2015030 Children's Day Tongren (6) Mateo

“Every Child Counts” is one of our key beliefs at Love Without Boundaries. Many children around the world are in need, and on Children’s Day we would like to feature a few special kids who could use someone in their corner. Read more

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Filling Tummies for Children’s Day


June 1st is known as International Children’s Day around the world. Children’s Day, or Liù Yi Guójì Értóng Jié, as it is known in China, is a day that honors the child. In China, children have the day off of school, and children’s admission to many fun and cultural activities is free on this day. It is a day filled with fun, a day that celebrates the joy that is being a child. Read more.

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A Children’s Day Celebration

Children’s Day is celebrated on June 1 in China, and students at our Jinjiang Believe in Me School were treated to some special food and performances.

What a feast the children had for Children’s Day!  It was reported that they ate lamb skewers, shrimp, fried pork, chicken legs, fish, vegetables and fruits!  We are happy to think of the many FULL tummies that night and think it’s pretty clear from these photos how much they enjoyed their special food. Read more.

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LWB Loves Birthdays!

“I love the child I sponsor through Love Without Boundaries so much I want to know how I can send her or him a birthday present!”

One question that volunteers of Love Without Boundaries are asked frequently is how to send a birthday present to a sponsored child. Sponsors of children become quite attached to the child they receive quarterly reports of in a year. Sponsors pray for these children, hope for adoptive families for these children and above all desire that their sponsored child feel especially loved.
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Donations to Dingxi

The children at Dingxi SWI are warm, dry and comfortable (and look pretty darn good in their new digs), thanks to some generous LWB sponsors.

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Hooray for the Children!

June 1st is Children’s Day in China. It is recognized nationally and is a time of festivity for Chinese youngsters. The whole country celebrates with cards, presents, special foods and activities. Each year Love Without Boundaries uses some of its general funds to provide a special gift to each of the children in our foster […]

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