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Children’s Day 2020

June 1 is International Children’s Day, a time set aside to promote the welfare and well-being of children around the world.  In China, this day is usually a favorite for children living in orphanages as they are often treated to a special meal or receive gifts of fruit or sweets.  Many orphanages will take the children in their care to parks or other outdoor locations as well.  This year in China COVID-19 restrictions meant that many of the celebrations for orphaned children, including the kids in our healing home, were held indoors.

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Last week I got an email from Stefani Ellison at Children’s House International. Their agency was just assigned the Heze orphanage in Shandong province to help place children for adoption, and Stefani was especially touched by one little girl that their staff had met on their visit. This little girl’s special need limited her to only being able to take a few steps unassisted. Stefani emailed me to find out if we had a supplier of posterior walkers in China as she wanted to get this little girl one to help her mobility. I have to say that as someone who grew up WITHOUT the internet (yes, I just gave away my age), at times I am still in awe at how fast it allows us to get help to those in need.
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