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Your Support Means The World

The children of Yangjiang SWI are all comfortable and dry, thanks a very generous group of parents. Through the LWB Orphanage Assistance Program, these donors were able to provide a whopping 178 sets of clothing and 67 bags of cloth diapers to the children of Yangjiang!

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Adam is Back on His Feet

I first “met” Adam when I was volunteering with LWB’s education program. He held a determined look in his little eyes. I learned that Adam had been born with multiple medical issues including a heart defect, a spinal meningocele, hydrocephalus and club feet. That’s a lot for one little guy to deal with!

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Thank You Jinjiang Nutrition Sponsors

Success can be sweet. When you’ve put yourself out there and success comes along – it’s a sweet reward. Well here’s a sweet reward for our Jinjiang Nutrition sponsors.

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