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Meet Carlos

About one week after being born with cleft lip and palate, baby Carlos entered our Healing Homes program weighing a whopping 5.5 lbs.

After six weeks of loving care, he had a double chin! Read more

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Baby Joseph: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Joseph is a precious 3 month old baby boy from Xinxiang, Henan Province. Joseph was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate and he came to the Henan Cleft Healing Home (HCHH) when he was one month old. After only a short stay at HCHH, he had to be hospitalized for a week for pneumonia and anemia. Finally, he was discharged to HCHH for his further recovery. However, after a few weeks, he had to be readmitted to the hospital due to bleeding in his mouth and nose. He has spent two weeks in the hospital to receive tests, blood transfusions and IV fluids. We are relieved to tell you that the bleeding has stopped and Joseph was able to begin formula again. He was discharged to the loving care of the nannies at HCHH.
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Rusty’s Smile — Worth a Thousand Words!

When I read the LWB foster care reports each month, it always bring me such joy when I see a photo of a child with a big, spontaneous smile.  In every report we have received about two-year-old Rusty and his personality, abilities and needs, there is one thing that never changes:  HE IS ALWAYS SMILING!
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Club Foot Repair at Heartbridge

This is Janice, our newest arrival at Heartbridge. Janice comes from Qidong, Hunan and has the multiple challenges of being born with cleft lip and palate, AND a severely clubbed left foot. She is a beautiful little girl with a head full of gorgeous curls!

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Drew arrived at our Anhui Cleft Healing Home from Sanmenxia, Henan in late April. He was nearly 3 months of age and weighed a mere 6 pounds, 9 ounces. He is a very tiny baby that will now be able to receive nutrition and nurturing from our highly attentive and specially trained nannies. Please consider […]

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