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2018 Cleft Medical Exchange: Transformations and Thank Yous

Two weeks ago, our 2018 Cleft Medical Exchange wrapped up a very successful trip to Lanzhou, China. Fifty-two children were able to receive life-changing cleft repair surgery!

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Our Top Ten Photos of 2012: Happy Birthday!

Dr. John Ness celebrated his birthday on our 2012 cleft trip in Henan Province. Dr. Ness has traveled to China with LWB multiple times, performing surgery on children born with cleft lip.

His wife wanted a picture of how he spent his special day healing babies. Originally we were going to take a photo with just a few children, but the orphanage nannies wouldn’t accept that as they all wanted THEIR babies in the picture with Dr. Ness. Soon everyone gathered around, singing “Happy Birthday” in Mandarin, while piling babies on his lap!

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Our Top Ten Photos of 2012: Cleft Trip Loving Touch

This year’s #6 Top Ten photo captured a special moment between LWB Board member Chris Ingoldsby and little Emily, who had come to the cleft trip with three missing limbs, a cleft lip, and a heart defect. Chris was working on the next day’s surgery list and had set up his “office” right by Emily’s bed as it gave him the opportunity to comfort her whenever possible.

So many people fell in love with Emily on that trip, and Chris has said she left a very special mark on his heart. We are so happy to report that Emily has recently met her forever family!

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Day Four of the 2010 Cleft Surgery Trip

Dr. Ness and Dr. Martin deserve Superman nicknames today as they did five bilateral cleft surgeries, which made for a very intense day. The repairs look wonderful, and we are so grateful that the kids are receiving such beautiful repairs. We wanted to share this before and after photo of Lianne (just a day after surgery), so you can see what an artist he is in the OR. (I did remove a bit of the blood from her nose with a photo tool, but the rest is all from Dr. Ness!) Her aunty had changed her out of her little blue hospital gown back into her pink sweater and hat, and I think this is the first time we have had a baby in the same outfit for a before and after shot! Read more.

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The Inspiration of Mei

This is our high-spirited Mei. She had her cleft lip repaired nine months ago and is described as ‘an extrovert and active’, in other words, she is a handful!

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Time For A Trip!

April is rapidly approaching and with it the excitement of a Medical Exchange Trip!

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