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Keri Annabel: 5 Hearts, 7 Days

Eager and brave, they sat across from us leaned forward in their chairs, their eyes searching ours, hoping for help. Wearing her colorful, traditional dress for the special occasion, Mom held her fragile little one, and Dad was carefully choosing the right English words to tell us the story of their broken-hearted baby girl. On the ground in Uganda, our Love Without Boundaries team leaned forward to listen as well, moved by their story, and hoping to coordinate the urgently needed care for three-month-old Keri Annabel.

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A Kiss From Oliver

Around Valentine’s Day, we shared with you the story of Oliver and his mama. Oliver was born with Down Syndrome and congenital heart disease in 2016. Although his family was thrilled with their new son, they were scared to see that his lips were often blue. Oliver suffered from breathing distress, frequent fevers and coughing. His mama knew something needed to be done to help her precious boy, and she took him to several hospitals desperately searching for help, only to be repeatedly turned away. Thanks to supporters of our Unity Initiative, we were able to promise Oliver’s mama that her son would get the best care possible at Children’s Hospital of Fudan University.

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Oliver: Because Some Valentines Can’t Wait

With Valentine’s Day is just one week away, we are beginning our celebration early in honor of a little boy named Oliver who desperately needs our help. After suffering from infertility for eight years, Oliver’s mother was thrilled to find herself pregnant in 2015. Immediately following little Oliver’s birth, however, they were given the news that their miracle baby had been born with congenital heart disease and Down Syndrome. In China, around 95% of women terminate their pregnancies if they learn before birth that their child has Down Syndrome.

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Kathleen, So Fair and Bright

She’s my Kathleen, so fair and bright, evening star and morning light…so go the lyrics of the Irish folk song, “My Kathleen”. We are happy to be helping a one-year-old baby girl named Kathleen…and we sure think she is fair and bright!

Kathleen is one year old and lives in an orphanage in Jiangsu province. She was born with congenital heart disease and has lived with it for a year. Read more

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Love For Luna

Last fall, we were contacted about an eight-month-old baby girl with severe congenital heart disease. Her orphanage had recently sent her to Beijing, but doctors there felt there was nothing that could be done surgically for her.

luna waiting

Luna, as she came to be known, was suffering from repeated bouts of respiratory infections and pneumonia, and it was clear that without something being done quickly, she would not survive. Read more.

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Wonderful Willetha

Willetha Sanmenxia

Willetha entered LWB’s Sanmenxia Foster Care Program just after her first birthday. She grew by leaps and bounds within a very short time of being with her foster family! Not only did she begin to crawl, but she began climbing on furniture and attempting to stand independently. Living with her loving foster family allowed her to get constant attention and guidance, especially from her foster mother who remains home with her during the day. Read more.

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There’s No Place Like Home for Peter

If you read our blog regularly, you probably remember Amy Eldridge’s recent post, “On My Own,” which gave us all insight into the hearts of older orphans who have no families of their own. Sadly, there are too many children who either never become eligible for adoption or who “age out” when they turn 14. Too many children in China never have a true chance to find a permanent home.

With all of this in mind, we want to introduce you to Peter, a 13-year-old boy from Taiyuan in Shaanxi Province. He is not in a Love Without Boundaries Program; however we want to feature him to increase his chances to find a family. Peter’s file has just been released and he is now eligible for adoption! However, he turns 14 in May 2011, so he only has a few short months to find his family before his birthday. We hope to make these months count by spreading the word that he is waiting and available for adoption right now. LWB is accepting donations to make an adoption assistance grant available for Peter’s adoption.
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Snuggly Leo

Leo loves his stuffed animals, as evidenced in many photos we have received! Leo is a very snuggly boy who loves to be held by his nannies. Can’t you just imagine him snuggling up to them or his stuffed animals…or, better yet, to a mom or dad of his own?

Currently, Leo lives in the LiShui orphanage where LWB has done Orphanage Assistance projects. His favorite foods are rice, eggs, milk, fruits, and snacks like cookies…of course! Although Leo does have congenital heart disease, our China staff there tells us that he is progressing in his cognitive skills, and that everything else about him seems “normal”. We think Leo sounds like a typical two and a half-year-old boy. He is interested in and understands the expressions of people around him. Like most two year olds, he cries when he wants something, and just as easily bursts into laughter.
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