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World Smile Day

October 2 is World Smile Day, and what better day to celebrate the improving dental hygiene of children in our Believe in Me orphanage schools!

BIM Jinjiang dental summer 2015

In most orphanages in China, dental care is not emphasized or provided. Children who do not receive proper care for their teeth are more likely to have dental and even severe health issues as they get older. To help address this problem, we began our Lifetime of Smiles Dental Care program. Read more.

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A Lifetime of Smiles In Action!

Brushing teeth is something most of us take for granted.  In an orphanage setting, however, dental hygiene comes with challenges most of us wouldn’t even consider.


Last year, the teachers in one of our Believe in Me schools told us that the students’ breath was so terrible that it was difficult to get close to them to teach and interact with them. So, we initially thought of how simple it might be to provide toothrushes. However, in discussing this plan with medical experts, we all understood that we had consider the conditions in an orphanage setting, since universal precautions may not be followed.  Some children could have conditions such as hepatitis, which can be spread by bodily fluids. Read more.

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