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Fostering Love

Today, a family shares their experience of adopting a child from a Love Without Boundaries foster care program.

Lydia Kate and her Mom

I gave her a baby doll that we brought for her.  She propped it up on her face and began kissing it, and sniffing its neck.  I knew then that this was something that had been done to her as a sign of endearment. She knew how to nurture, to show love and affection — something which is not typical for the scenario we were in. According to the books we’d read, we would have to teach her to do these things. It turns out that being in a loving foster home was teacher enough for our Lydia Kate. Read more.

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Mr. Popularity

This is Joseph, a little boy with Down Syndrome in Kaifeng Foster Care. Recently, Hope, the Kaifeng Foster Care Manager, visited Joseph and his foster mother. After a quick smile and wave to Hope, away Joseph went, running off to play with friends!

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