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Rachel, Ready and Waiting for a Family

Last month, we celebrated as we heard that Rachel, an adorable six and a half year old from LWB’s Foster Care and Tuition Assistance programs, was to be adopted.  Heartbreak soon followed as we learned that her adoption was disrupted before it was finalized in China.

Rachel peace

Like many other children living out of family care, Rachel has been through a lot in her short life. Currently, she is ready and waiting to be matched with a family who is a perfect fit for her. Read more.

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Thoughts on Re-homing from an Adoption Professional

The media has recently been covering the topic of “re-homing.”  Re-homing occurs when an adoptive family locates someone else to take in and care for their child without checking into the new family’s history, completing background checks, or involving their adoption agency or other legal entities in the change of custody.  Interestingly, the term “re-homing” is not familiar to many within the adoption community.


I think most people felt speechless when they first read the articles. How could anyone leave a child with a complete stranger? What would possess someone to think this was the best option? Certainly, desperate people will do desperate things, but this seems outrageous, right? So many in the adoption community agree.   Read more.

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A Second Chance for Chloe Post Disruption

Recently we learned that the adoption one of the children from LWB’s Medical Program was disrupted shortly after it was finalized in China. Since many of us had met Chloe in person, our hearts were very sad that she would not end up with a permanent family. We are so thankful that her orphanage has agreed that she can be moved into our private foster care program in Zhang Village so that she can receive one-on-one care. Read more.

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