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Look At Them Now!

Cleft-Exchange-collage-blue small

Thirty children had cleft lip or palate surgery eight months ago during our 2014 Cleft Exchange, and periodically we receive updated photos and reports on their progress. We hope you’ll enjoy seeing some of their smiling faces! Read more.

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Snapshots of 2014

On this very last day of 2014, we give thanks for all the lives changed this year because of your support. This week we’ve been reflecting on just how much we have accomplished together and have chosen a few special moments to highlight. Join with us in remembering a very special year of hope and healing, and please know that none of it would have been possible without you.

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Top Ten Photos of 2014: Scenes from the Hospital

Many of the children in our care have medical needs and require surgery, and as a result we see quite a few photos of children in the hospital. Today’s Top Ten Photos could not be more different, however!

Triple_Trouble_-_Number_8Triple Trouble on the Cleft Trip

LWB held another successful medical exchange in April, with Chinese and American doctors coming together to heal children born with cleft lip and palate. This photo captured a great moment we called “Triple Trouble,” as these three little ones from Gansu Province awaited their surgeries. Read more.

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PT Exchange: Building Skills, Confidence, and Independence

Lives were changed forever during our 2010 Physical Therapy Exchange.  Just look at this boy’s excitement as he receives a walker of his very own, allowing him to walk independently for the first time ever!


In less than two weeks, Love Without Boundaries’ 2014 Physical Therapy exchange will commence, and we hope to experience once again the joy that is written all over this boy’s face. Read more.

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Cleft Exchange Day Four

The last days of a Cleft Mission are always the busiest! Today was a day filled with joy and laughter as many of the children who had surgery on the first day left to return to their hometowns and more children arrived to prepare for their surgeries tomorrow.

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Cleft Exchange Day Three

Today started with Becca searching for food. She was not happy to miss her breakfast and was determined to find milk or food.

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Cleft Exchange Day Two

The first day of surgery has flown by smoothly. What a wonderful day it was. Everyone got up early in order to get to the hospital by 8am. The nurses did not know who would be first so all the children were prepared.

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Cleft Exchange Day One

How best to put into words, the excitement, joy and wonder of an international medical exchange. Great things always happen when people travel from near and far to come together to heal children in need. It was an incredible first day. Our team has arrived safely and on time and includes Dr. Ness, Dr. Martin, […]

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