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5 Easy Ways to Help LWB

Today we’ve asked our littlest helper, Wyatt, to help us highlight 5 easy things you can do right now to support children like him in LWB programs.

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Community Starts Here

On Christmas Eve, I was trying my best to get home to my children after visiting my father who had been hospitalized in Florida. At the Tampa airport, I switched off my phone for the first of two flights home.

airport photo

When I landed in Texas, I powered up my phone and noticed right away that I had over 100 text messages, which I can tell you has never happened before in such a short time. I also had over 40 missed calls, so it was quite easy for me to think, “Uh oh, Houston…we have a problem.” (Especially since I had just landed there!) I quickly dialed the first number, which belonged to an LWB team member. She told me that our Facebook page had been hacked and that the people responsible were posting things we definitely wouldn’t want kids to see.
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Keeping Up With Herschel, Tyson, Carson and Jade

For those of you who follow our Facebook page, you know that we frequently post photos of children who are in urgent need of medical treatment. We are always so grateful for all of the prayers and good wishes sent for these precious children who often have to undergo very complex surgeries. Today we would like to update you on a few of the children who touched so many hearts.


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In Honor of International Children’s Day

On International Children’s Day, we celebrate the children who already bring such great joy and love to our lives, and those who are in need of love and joy. In honor of this day, we asked our readers and supporters to submit tributes to Pinterest and Facebook illustrating how their children inspire them (“Share Your Story for International Children’s Day”).  So without further ado, we present the winners of our International Children’s Day contest!

This is what family looks like, it is not about the color of your skin, the shape of your eyes or your DNA, it IS all about love and love unconditional. Our adoption has blessed our family in so many ways.

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Share Your Story for International Children’s Day

International Children’s Day is June 1st! In China, it is a time to have fun, be merry, and celebrate the joy of children. LWB would like to join in the celebration by inviting you to share with us how your children inspire you!

In honor of Children’s Day, LWB is asking our followers to contribute images that include quotes and stories to be posted to our Facebook page and Pinterest boards. These images can be simple or creative. We just want to know your story! Read more.

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Show Your Support for Orphaned Children on Facebook

Facebook has been a very effective way for Love Without Boundaries to share news about our programs and also to raise money to help the children in our programs.  With the upcoming implementation of Facebook’s Timeline comes another way for supporters on Facebook to help share LWB’s mission.   Read more.

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Using Social Media to Raise Money and Awareness for a Great Cause

Last year, through the encouragement of my friend and colleague Ben Glass, I became part of Team LWB that ran the Marine Corps Marathon. I knew the cause was great and was particularly overwhelmed by the kindness and dedication of the support crew. Because I couldn’t run this year, my boss Tom Foster and I sat down to think about an innovative way we could help LWB through our firm Foster Web Marketing.

Ben is not only one of the best lawyers and legal marketing coaches in the country, he lives the life that he preaches. As he often says, marketing your law firm or small business is your ticket to a happier life, more time with your family, and the resources to make a difference in causes you care deeply about.  After my experience as part of Team LWB, I knew that we wanted to do more to help through our small business.

We decided to run a Facebook campaign for the Foster Web Marketing fan page. For every person that “likes” the page, we donate $1 to Love Without Boundaries. That’s already resulted in $1,089!
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Focus on Formula for 2011

Without spending a dime, you can help give children in China the gift of a full tummy this year! Suzanne Damstedt, an LWB volunteer who directs our Nutrition and Orphanage Assistance program, is trying to win $10,000 for baby formula in a contest sponsored by Ford Focus. Our budget for formula in 2011 will be $100,000 – and so winning $10,000 (one-tenth of our budget) would obviously be a huge blessing!

Voting is quick and easy and can be done each and every day until December 31 by anyone on Facebook. If you’ve already voted for Suzanne’s video, please click here to vote that you “Love it”, and share with all of your friends and family on Facebook. We would love their votes, too!

If you haven’t yet voted for LWB and Suzanne in the Ford Focus contest, here are three easy steps to follow:

1. Go to the Ford Focus page on Facebook and “Like” it by clicking the large “LIKE” button at the top of the page. You will need to agree to allow Ford Focus to access your Facebook page.

2. Click on the “Global Drive” tab at the top of the Ford Focus Facebook page; then scroll down and click on “Rate Videos”.

3. Look for Suzanne’s video, which has a blue background and says, “There are lots of things in life that you can start…” Currently, her video is on the second page. Under the video is a button where you click “Love it!” Please click here to vote and share on Facebook so others will can join in the voting as well.
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A Closer Look at our Top Ten Photos of 2009…Number Five

Baby Stephen came to our Henan Cleft Healing Home weighing just 2 kg. He was a fragile little baby who had to be hospitalized immediately because he was so sick. Stephen still has a long way to go, but he has now doubled his weight. This photo illustrates how truly vulnerable so many babies with cleft are. We love that our healing homes can give these precious children a second chance.
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