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LWB’s Top Ten Photos of 2013: Red Hat

Coming in at number six in our Top Ten Photos of 2013 is one called, “Red Hat.” This cute photo is of little Jorah from our foster care program in Anhui.


Jorah came into our care at our Anhui Healing Home (AHH) in April 2013 after a hospitalization for fevers and failure to thrive. This little boy was born with a unilateral cleft lip, which LWB repaired in July. He graduated from AHH in early August and is absolutely thriving in foster care! Read more.

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Valentina’s Happily Ever After

Valentina, whose story has captured so many of our hearts, has started a new chapter with her forever family. This week, after spending the day with Valentina, her new family made it official. I know that many of us who have adopted have similar “first family photos” that look something like this:

Valentina, named because she came to our team’s attention on Valentine’s Day 2012, came to us with a diagnosis of Failure-to-Thrive. Read more.

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No Room at the Inn

LWB currently has four healing homes in China, where we send babies who are either failing to thrive or who need specialized care, both pre- and post-surgery. Anyone who has visited or even read about these homes knows they have saved so many lives, as babies with complex medical issues definitely need 1:1 care. Every month is a juggling act, trying to figure out who can be discharged, how many beds we might have open, and when we can schedule surgery for a child and guarantee them a healing home spot for post-op care.

This past month, however, has been one of the most difficult I can remember.  LWB  has good relations with over 250 orphanages in China, and so at any given time we might have multiple orphanages calling us on the same day asking for help with very sick children.  Of course we have a very limited number of beds in our homes, so the question is always:  WHO GETS HELPED? Read more.

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