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The 2016 Cleft Medical Exchange: Day Two

It was a wonderful Monday in Kaifeng, our first OR day of the week. As our team arrived to the hospital this morning, they were greeted by the same sweet faces as the day before, but luckily with a little less panic and stranger danger than on Sunday.

The medical team gathered together for morning rounds, making sure that there were no developments overnight that would alter the surgery schedule. Thankfully, green lights were given by the physicians forĀ all the kids. Read more.

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The Unity Initiative: Love In Action

Many years ago, we realized that since our hearts are with orphaned children, anything we could do to help PREVENT a child from becoming orphaned in the first place needed to become part of our mission as well. The sad reality is that thousands of desperate families in China each year abandon their children born with medical needs when they are unable to afford the surgeries or medical care their children require.

Our Unity Initiative, which helps provide life changing medical care to children in poverty, is all about family preservation and the prevention of any family ever reaching that level of despair. Read more.

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