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Change for Change: A Lenten Campaign

In early January, we asked our supporters to consider setting up a Change (Lives) Jar to collect the spare change in your wallet or purse to help orphaned children. One of our dedicated volunteers in Ireland had the wonderful idea of conducting a special Change Jar campaign during the season of Lent.

Lenten love 2.16

If you observe Lent, we invite you to collect your extra change to help fill the tummies of the fragile babies in our healing homes. Funds raised will be dedicated specifically to purchasing formula for babies in our healing homes through our Healing Home Nutrition fund. Read more.

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Brent: Love Starts Here


Babies come to our healing homes because they are medically fragile. Brent is one of our tinier healing home residents. He is having trouble with weight gain due to anal atresia, a heart condition, and a defect of his larynx that makes breathing a real workout. Sucking a bottle takes too much energy out of Brent and as a result, our nannies are tube-feeding him until he gets stronger. Read more.

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The Blessing of Abigail

Sometimes our “success stories” are quite dramatic, but this month we would like to share one of our smaller blessings. Meet Abigail.


Tiny Abigail was abandoned shortly after her birth, suffering from pneumonia and showing signs of a recent hospitalization. Our staff in China was able to move Abby to the hospital for a course of IV antibiotics, and she was then able to join us at LWB’s Heartbridge Healing Home in early July. Read more.

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Jillian’s Journey

Jilian 1In mid August, a tiny baby girl was found abandoned with an extremely bloated stomach.  She was taken to an orphanage in rural Anhui, and the staff there called LWB immediately. We moved her urgently to Anhui Children’s Hospital for testing, and doctors diagnosed her with severe malnutrition and blood poisoning.  They estimated her to be approximately 5 months old even though she weighed just 2 kg.  Little Jillian, as she was named by our volunteers, had a long road ahead of her to survive.  She was immediately given blood transfusions because of her extreme anemia. Read more.

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Nutritious Formula: LWB’s Featured Program of the Week

Little Wendy looks as if she’s about to burst into tears, while her friend Yvonne is snuggling with her nanny, enjoying a bottle full of nutritious formula.

Wendy wants her bottle too! A bottle of formula may seem like such a simple need, but to the infants helped in LWB’s Nutrition Program, quality formula is an essential need. Formula prices have soared, and it is difficult for us to keep up with the babies’ healthy appetites. Read more.

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Focus on Formula Update

2011 has been a very eventful year already for Suzanne Damstedt, an LWB volunteer who directs LWB’s Orphanage Assistance and Nutrition programs! Many LWB supporters will remember that Suzanne entered a contest sponsored by Ford Focus to win $10,000 for infant formula (“Focus on Formula in 2011”). With your support and votes, Love Without Boundaries was one of the lucky winners!! On top of that initial $10,000, Suzanne then was given the opportunity to drive a brand new Ford Focus 10,000 more miles around the United States for the opportunity to raise even more money for the babies in our nutrition programs.
Read more.

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Team Up for Preemies!

I want to introduce you to one wonderful young man and some very cute babies!

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Thank You Jinjiang Nutrition Sponsors

Success can be sweet. When you’ve put yourself out there and success comes along – it’s a sweet reward. Well here’s a sweet reward for our Jinjiang Nutrition sponsors.

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Warm Bodies and Full Tummies

When I was waiting for my daughters to come home, I always hoped that they had a warm body and a full tummy.

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Shunde Feeding Time

I was happy to get these pictures this week that showed different babies, different ages, different expressions with their bottles. Formula is such a basic need for these babies. I want to thank those who help these vulnerable children with such a basic need.

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