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Winnie Wishes You Peace!

In the interest of adoption, LWB Community will be profiling some waiting children whose orphanages have asked for help in finding families for them. However, we do want to be clear that these children are not in LWB programs.

Winnie is full of good cheer! Always smiling, eight-year-old Winnie lives in the Foshan Shunde Orphanage, where LWB has done orphanage assistance projects. We featured her in a blog piece (“Winnie’s New Coat for a New Year”) right before Chinese New Year last year and were hopeful that she would be with a family of her own before the next new year. Although it doesn’t look likely for this year, we are going to take a hint from Winnie and remain happy and optimistic that her family will find her soon!
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Bryson’s Debut

Handsome Bryson is making his debut on LWB Community today! When he was nearly two and a half, this dapper boy came to live in the Foshan Shunde orphanage in Guangdong where LWB has participated in Orphanage Assistance projects. Bryson came to our attention when he appeared on the shared list, and his orphanage has asked us to help get the word out that he is waiting for his family.
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Nate’s Wait

Last fall we blogged on three irresistible boys from Foshun Shunde orphanage in Guangdong: Perry, Jared and Nate: Boys Will Be Boys! We’re pleased to report that Perry was recently chosen by a family, which just warms our hearts. The very cool Jared was featured in our blog just last week. We didn’t want Nate to feel left out, so we thought we’d share some new photos of him that we just received since he’s still waiting on the shared list. Is he not adorable?
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Perry, Jared, and Nate: Boys Will Be Boys!

In an orphanage in Foshan Shunde, Guangdong ,where LWB has an Orphanage Assistance program, live some great little boys whom we would love to see “being boys” in their own families!  Active.  Happy.  Mild. Mischievous. Smart.  Smiley. Sweet. Tough.   We’d like to introduce you to three wonderful boys!
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Penny’s Cookie

Little Penny is waiting so patiently.  At two years old, she’s not too talkative yet, is a little bit afraid of strangers and doesn’t talk much when someone she doesn’t know if around.  However, she will let you know what she wants with her eyes!  If someone in the room has snacks, she does not ask but stares at the food non-stop until she gets her share. We love the story that these three photos of Penny tell!

Waiting patiently with her hands out…

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