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Using Social Media to Raise Money and Awareness for a Great Cause

Last year, through the encouragement of my friend and colleague Ben Glass, I became part of Team LWB that ran the Marine Corps Marathon. I knew the cause was great and was particularly overwhelmed by the kindness and dedication of the support crew. Because I couldn’t run this year, my boss Tom Foster and I sat down to think about an innovative way we could help LWB through our firm Foster Web Marketing.

Ben is not only one of the best lawyers and legal marketing coaches in the country, he lives the life that he preaches. As he often says, marketing your law firm or small business is your ticket to a happier life, more time with your family, and the resources to make a difference in causes you care deeply about.  After my experience as part of Team LWB, I knew that we wanted to do more to help through our small business.

We decided to run a Facebook campaign for the Foster Web Marketing fan page. For every person that “likes” the page, we donate $1 to Love Without Boundaries. That’s already resulted in $1,089!
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