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Journey to Cambodia 2017: Hope in the Slums

About a quarter of the world’s population live in slums, officially defined as “squalid and overcrowded districts inhabited by people in poverty.”  In the region we recently visited in Cambodia, that definition was sadly accurate. We passed shanty after shanty built right along the railroad track, metal shacks thrown up by squatters, with dangling electrical lines I was told were illegally and dangerously spliced in. We came to this slum in Cambodia in search of a baby girl whom Leng, our LWB Cambodia Director, first met at a border crossing between Cambodia and Thailand. Leng had been extremely concerned to see how malnourished and sick the little girl was.

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Sarah: From Heartbridge to Home

In the fall of 2014, LWB was contacted by an orphanage in Guangdong province about a little girl who was almost three. When she had entered their care, she was very weak and short of breath, and her lips and fingers were deep blue.


We were able to move Amanda to Shanghai for medical evaluation, where we learned she had a serious heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot, which is normally repaired in infancy. Following her complex surgery at Fudan University, Amanda became a resident of our Heartbridge Healing Home. She needed time to heal and catch up on the developmental milestones she had missed due to her illness. We immediately fell in love with her beautiful, somber face. Read more.

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Day Three of the 2015 Cleft Medical Exchange

Our team’s day began with morning rounds to check on the children who had surgery yesterday and to make sure the kids on deck were all still doing well.

CME2015AbeDrClinchAbe checks out Dr. Clinch

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Counting Our Blessings on the Twelve Days of Christmas: Our Medical Team

On the eighth day of Christmas, we give special thanks for the incredible team of doctors and surgeons that help LWB both in China and around the world. Many of the children we are asked to help have very complex medical conditions, and we are so fortunate to have medical advisors in many countries who help us make the best treatment plans possible for the kids. One-year-old Evan is a baby who benefitted from the highest quality medical care. He was born with a serious heart defect and was very weak when we first learned about him. Doctors at Fudan University in Shanghai were able to do his first stage operation, and Evan immediately began to thrive. Evan will need his next operation within a year, and we are all hoping that a family will step forward to adopt him so that his next surgery can be done with his very own mom and dad by his side. Evan is currently on China’s shared adoption list, and we are giving him lots of TLC at our Heartbridge Pediatric Unit while he waits for someone to choose him as their son.
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The Inspiration of Mei

This is our high-spirited Mei. She had her cleft lip repaired nine months ago and is described as ‘an extrovert and active’, in other words, she is a handful!

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