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An Adoption Story: Aaron

Sometimes, adoption stories contain surprises that we could never anticipate! We know you’ll enjoy reading about a little boy from our nutrition program in Gaoming whom we featured on the blog last December and the story of how his parents came home with not one, but two sons.

Early last December I read the LWB blog, as I often did while we waited to travel to get our son in China. One day, I was ecstatic to see pictures of our boy there featured in the story, “Artie Faces the Scale.” I excitedly read through the article about our son only to have my heart drop at the end when I read that “Artie” was available for adoption. Read more.

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Artie Faces the Scale

Like many of us during the holiday season, three-year-old Artie has to face the scales every once in awhile!   As a participant in our Gaoming nutrition program, Artie gets weighed periodically to make sure he’s growing as he should be.  It looks like Artie is growing very well but could certainly indulge in a few more cookies!
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Sweet Prince Brenden

Brenden has the personality of a prince. In choosing his English name, our nutrition and orphanage assistance program director was right on with the name Brenden, which means “prince.” A prince can be defined as an “outstanding man,” and we know that Brenden certainly is outstanding!
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