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Love in Action: Giving Cards

Orphaned children deserve to know love.

Without a doubt, this statement is something we hope everyone supports. Instead of just wishing that orphaned children know love, we are inviting you to take action to make this dream come true. This holiday season, our inspiration is “Love in Action”.


Help us make love a verb by purchasing a holiday or program giving card! Read more.

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Giving The Gift of Love

It’s hard to believe it’s December already, and the holidays are nearly upon us. What a perfect time to starting thinking of an easy yet meaningful gift for teachers, babysitters, co-workers, family, and friends — an LWB Gift Card.

LWB General Card Front

An LWB gift card will tell the recipient that a donation has been made in his or her honor to help orphaned and impoverished children in China. Read more.

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The Gift of A Father

To fathers who have discovered love in the form of a child once unknown but waiting in an orphanage or foster home, Happy Father’s Day!

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