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A “Take Your Breath Away” Moment

Last night was my daughter’s holiday music concert, and it was such a special evening.  I was enjoying every song the kids sang, and then I had one of those moments that I think many parents experience occasionally with their kids.  I looked up at my daughter on stage, standing there in a formal black dress with a festive Santa hat on her head, and I don’t know if it was a recognition of her confidence at that moment, or the joy I saw in her eyes as she was singing…but everything she had overcome since she was left on her own as a newborn washed over me so powerfully that I began to cry.

Santa baby

Does anyone else have those sudden intakes of breath where you simply can’t believe you got the privilege to parent a child who was born to someone else? Read more.

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Give What Counts

LWB has just launched our year end campaign: “Give What Counts.” If you didn’t receive a year end letter, you can read it here.


The idea came to me when I was listening to a woman tell me that she dreaded the holiday season because all of her family members were so hard to buy presents for. I believe her exact line was, “I guess I’ll get my dad another nice golf shirt even though he has about 50. What do you buy for someone who already has everything?” Of course I told her that I had lots of ideas for what she could buy her father that would actually have real meaning on Christmas morning, such as the chance to go to school for a child in poverty or good baby formula for a child in a healing home. Read more.

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