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Adopting a Child With Vision Impairment

Before adopting a blind child, I really believed life would be a lot different once she came home, and it has been, but it hasn’t been her blindness that has held her back. This is how it began: Her picture came through my Facebook newsfeed just like so many children before her, but this time something was different.

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Urgent Help Needed for Monica

Late last year, LWB welcomed 10-month-old baby Monica to our foster care program. This beautiful and tiny little girl quickly settled into family life outside the orphanage, playing peek-a-boo with her foster mom and drinking lots of bottles-on-demand. Late this spring, we learned from the foster family that Monica was having some vision issues. She […]

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Morgan’s Eyes

Morgan is 3 ½ years old and is new to our foster care program in Guizhou. When our Foster care team saw Morgan’s photo, they felt that he was in need of urgent medical attention.

We were able to connect Morgan and his foster family with a wonderful eye hospital in Yunnan, and the chief surgeon asked them to travel to the hospital immediately.

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Harlow’s Chance for Sight — And a Family

Four-year-old Harlow suffers from limited vision. Staff at her orphanage in Anhui noticed that she often scratches and rubs her eyes and seems to be uncomfortable. When she recently had her physical so that her paperwork could be submitted for adoption, doctors diagnosed her with severe congenital glaucoma.

Sadly, Harlow was unable to receive treatment for her eyes when she was younger, and there is a chance that her vision may be permanently affected.
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