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An Adoption Grant for Daniel

Daniel has been a part of our foster care program in Sanmenxia for the past three years. We have blogged on Daniel many times, yet sadly he still waits. We are pleased to announce that LWB is now offering a $2,500 Adoption Assistance Grant for the family who ends up adopting Daniel!

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Yago’s Chance for a New Life

It was 2011, and Yago had just entered our Believe in Me School in Changzhi. We knew then that he needed special care for his leg.


Over the years, however, we have learned through consulting with experts that the best opportunity for Yago to receive the ongoing care that he needs for his condition is to be cared for by a family able to thoroughly address and consistently manage his care. Read more.

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An Adoption Assistance Grant for Pearl

We are truly thrilled and honored to be announcing LWB’s newest adoption assistance grant recipient:  Precious Pearl from Guizhou.

Lu Min Xin 2Pearl

Six year old Pearl is currently living with a loving foster care family. She has lower limb paralysis, a result of post-operative surgery and spina bifida.  However, she has determination and spirit in spades! Read more.

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Luke and David: Brand New Adoption Grant Recipients!

The only way love can last a lifetime is if it’s unconditional. The truth is this: love is not determined by the one being loved but rather by the one choosing to love. ~Stephen Kendrick


At Love Without Boundaries, we wish for every child to have the unconditional love that they deserve. To make this wish a reality, we offer adoption assistance grants when possible.  Adoption carries a large price tag, and we know that every little bit can help a family’s dreams of adopting a reality. Read more.

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Big News in Adoption Assistance Grants!

Three fantastic boys, all waiting to be chosen by families, all waiting to be brought home.  That is what we see when we look at our Adoption Assistance grants page.  It is our goal this year to see each and every one of these boys who are adoption assistance grant recipients CHOSEN for adoption. To help these boys get a little much-needed attention, we increased the adoption assistance grants for each one of our very handsome, oh-so-wonderful boys!

John 11.13JohnAdoption Assistance Grant of $3,400 AND Waiver of Orphanage Donation Fee

For nearly four years now, we have been advocating for John. John is a long-time resident of our foster care program in Anhui who has lived with the same village for six years.  This handsome boy is growing up before our very eyes.  He is now a fun-loving boy of twelve and is the oldest boy eligible for adoption from the shared list in any of our LWB programs. Read more.

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John’s Only Hope

At LWB, we always try to be as respectful as possible to the children in our programs. We always want to treat them with dignity, and because of that we are hesitant to ever publicly discuss certain medical conditions, as we believe they should remain private. Today I am writing about a little boy in rural foster care, however, who absolutely needs a permanent home to survive. And since he has waited over two years on China’s shared adoption list without being chosen, I am going to break our rule and discuss his condition openly – because I feel like saving his life is the most important thing right now. This eight-year-old boy is just too special to not get the long-term care he deserves.


When we first met John, he was only five years old. We learned that he was abandoned following a failed meningocele surgery, which left him with weak legs and feet that turned out to the sides. Read more.

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Waiting Still For Families of Their Own

There is a person who needs you. This is your chance. ~Mother Teresa

John's heartJohn: $2,000 LWB Adoption Assistance Grant

In honor of National Adoption Month, we would like to shine the spotlight on some beautiful children in our programs who have been waiting for families of their own for far, far too long. Please share this blog far and wide in the hopes that their photos and stories will touch the hearts of family looking to grow their family through adoption! Read more.

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New Tuan Yuan Grant Announced

All of us at Love Without Boundaries are pleased to announce our fifth Tuan Yuan Adoption Assistance Grant recipient of 2008! Zhi is a wonderful little boy who has been featured in our Kids for Kids newsletter and is a favorite among LWB volunteers, who have nicknamed him “Rocky.”

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