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Puppy Love for Patrick

It’s difficult to think of anything cuter than a boy and his dog. Our always-smiling Patrick seems pretty thrilled to be holding a cuddly puppy! We actually think that Patrick is the one who looks cuddly.
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A Chance for Nicholas

What does it take to make a difference in another person’s life?

Grant Me a Chance, a nonprofit organization, hopes to make a difference. They say, “Together we can GRANT ORPHANED CHILDREN THE CHANCE they deserve… a chance to be healthy, happy, and HOME!” Grant Me a Chance makes a difference by providing adoption assistance grants with the hope of improving the lives of parentless children throughout the world.

Nicholas, a twelve-year-old boy in LWB’s Kaifeng Foster Care Program, will no longer be eligible for adoption soon. Grant Me A Chance has chosen him to offer a $2,000 grant toward his adoption expenses. We can imagine how excited Nicholas would be to receive his own family!

When Amy Eldridge, LWB’s Executive Director, visited with Nicholas this past summer, she remembers how he sang for her and her travel companions. Everyone was in awe of his heartfelt song. Nicholas had a foster sister to whom he was particularly close. When she was recently adopted, he took it really hard and was sad when he had to say goodbye to her. More recently Nicholas has enjoyed the addition of his new foster brother, who will also be adopted soon. Nicholas would love to have his own family and the chance to be a big brother again for another sister or brother. On the same visit, Nicholas told Amy, “I would be so kind to a mama and baba.” What a sweet heart he has!
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Good News for Two Kids!

Love Without Boundaries in partnership with Grant me a Chance is SO excited to announce that two of our delightful children have been provided adoption assistance grants! First is Lillie, you may remember reading about her here: http://lwbstories.com/?p=1842#more-1842

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