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Healing Home Hair By Paddy

For the past 12 years, LWB’s Healing Home manager, Paddy, has given haircuts to the children in our care. He’s a firm believer that shaving babies’ hair makes it grow in thicker, and this week he took his clippers around to some of the children who needed a trim.

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Haircuts at the Healing Home!

If you follow our Healing Home work, you know our nannies are wonderful at feeding, rocking, and playing with the children in our care.  There’s one job, however, where they call in reinforcements, and that’s when the kids need a good old-fashioned haircut.  Luckily, after running our Anhui Healing Home for the last ten years, our manager Paddy is a pro with the clippers. We thought these recent photos were too cute not to share.

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