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Love For Luna

Last fall, we were contacted about an eight-month-old baby girl with severe congenital heart disease. Her orphanage had recently sent her to Beijing, but doctors there felt there was nothing that could be done surgically for her.

luna waiting

Luna, as she came to be known, was suffering from repeated bouts of respiratory infections and pneumonia, and it was clear that without something being done quickly, she would not survive. Read more.

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Jackie’s Heart Surgery

Jackie, an eight-year-old little girl with severe heart disease who was featured here previously (“Joyful Jackie Needs Our Help”), had her long-awaited heart catheterization. The good news is that the doctors in Shanghai have determined that Jackie’s heart is operable.

Jackie 3-17-14 2 small

She was diagnosed with severe Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF), Left Ventricular Dysplasia, and Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO), and the doctors said they have not seen a heart like Jackie’s before. Jackie’s heart surgery will be complex and risky, but we are thankful that she is in good hands at Children’s Hospital of Fudan University where we have sent many children for complex surgeries.
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Elizabeth: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Elizabeth is a precious one-year-old who was born with a complex heart defect. The doctors will need to do a heart catheterization first to determine the development of her pulmonary artery, and then they will be able to formulate a surgery plan for her. All of us in LWB’s Medical Program would love to see her have her surgery before the onset of the coldest winter months in China, as an orphanage can be a very difficult place for a child with a heart defect in the middle of winter.

Featured Child
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Jacob and Kirk, Best Buddies

I always look forward to reading the updates on Kirk and Jacob who are both at Heartbridge. These two little boys have enough personality between them for ten kids!!!
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