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Final Day of the Hefei Cardiac Exchange

On their final day in Hefei, the doctors had a wonderful visit and discussion with the cardiac staff of Anhui Children’s Hospital (ACH). LWB has worked with ACH for over 13 years, and two of our cleft surgery exchanges were held here. Anhui Children’s Hospital cares for many of the babies from our Healing Home program, and we always know they will get excellent, compassionate care. Incredibly, this hospital sees over one million patients per year!

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First Surgeries of the Cardiac Exchange

Yesterday was a very full day at Hefei Cardiac Hospital for our inaugural cardiac exchange.  The medical team began with morning rounds to check on the three children having surgery and to do more evaluations of the others who are waiting.

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The Hefei Cardiac Exchange Begins

LWB’s first Hefei Cardiac Exchange is now underway!  Dr. Stephen Langley and Dr. Jeremy Ringewald arrived in Anhui from Florida and were warmly welcomed by the team from the Hefei Cardiac Hospital and LWB’s China Directors. They were given a tour of the hospital and met the little patients who had been awaiting their arrival.

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Lincoln Prepares for Heart Surgery

Little Lincoln was born with Down Syndrome and an ASD heart defect (atrial septal defect). He entered our Anhui Healing Home last winter at five months old, and the nannies immediately fell for his quiet, gentle nature. He thrived in their care, and when he was a year old he graduated to foster care. In February, Lincoln became quite ill and was hospitalized with pneumonia. Doctors did repeat cardiac tests and let us know that Lincoln’s heart function was worsening. He would need to undergo open heart surgery to have a chance for a healthy life.

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Help Us Heal Gage’s Heart

In January, baby Gage was born in Anhui province and soon found himself at an orphanage. The orphanage staff cared for him as best they could, but Gage was frequently ill with chest infections and had to be hospitalized. The orphanage reached out to us to see if we could help them determine the cause of his illnesses and labored breathing. We arranged for Gage to be seen at a hospital, and doctors diagnosed him with a heart defect that was likely responsible for his poor health.

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LWB’s Unity Fund

LWB’s Unity Fund has been in place for over a decade now.  This special medical initiative was created in 2006 after rural families, distraught and hopeless over not being able to afford medical care for their often critically ill children, learned we were helping those who were orphaned. In their desperation, we had many families offer to give up their children if it meant they could finally receive the medical care they needed. Some of you might remember the photo which made us all realize just how essential family preservation efforts are in rural communities, as no mom or dad should ever have to believe that abandonment is the only choice when it comes to saving the life of their child.

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Levi: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Featured Child Levi

Levi was born with Complete Transposition of the Great Arteries (TGA) and came to us just days old and very blue. Very likely his parents abandoned him in the hope that he could receive the surgery he needs in order to survive. After being evaluated at Hefei Cardiac Hospital, the doctors felt his surgery needed to be done at about 20 days old for an optimal outcome. But then little Levi struggled to eat, and the doctors decided his surgery needed to be done immediately. The surgery lasted five hours, and Levi was stable when moved to the PICU for recovery. Levi is showing gradual improvement, but the next few days are very critical for him. You can be a part of Levi’s healing by making a donation in any amount. Read more.

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