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Abby’s Journey

A little over a year ago little Abby was admitted to LWB’s Henan Healing Home. Because of her bilateral cleft lip and palate, she had great difficulty feeding, and the HHH nannies set her up with a feeding tube. Having reached a healthy weight, Abby was able to be part of LWB’s cleft exchange trip held in April last year. After a difficult surgery, her results looked amazing. Happy to be rid of her feeding tube hat, Abby smiled more, became less shy, and gained more weight as feeding was so much easier. Read more.

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A Sad Departure

As many of you know, we learned this week that our Henan Healing Home has to close.   We told our supporters about this news in an announcement on our Facebook page.   Today, we wanted to share a few of the final photos taken of some of the babies with their loving nannies. Read more.

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Gal: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Gal is one of our newer residents at our Henan Healing Home (HHH), born at the end of May and joining us a couple of weeks later. Born with a cleft lip and palate, Gal had the additional problems of an oral infection, a very upset little tummy, and the added insult of a bad diaper rash.

After several weeks of medical treatment and tender care from his nannies, Gal began to feel better, eat more, and open his beautiful eyes to take in his surroundings. Read more.

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Marcus: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Smiling Marcus

In April all six of the babies in the Henan Healing Home had successful cleft lip repair surgery during LWB’s 2012 Cleft Exchange trip held at the Kaifeng Children’s Hospital. These babies have all healed and graduated to foster care programs. With the discharge of these babies, new babies have entered the home to receive the devoted care of the nannies and nutritious formula in special bottles designed for babies with cleft. This cycle of nurture and healing continues to help more babies born with cleft lip and palate gain health and healing.
Read more.

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An Irish Race for Team LWB

Don’t mess with women on a mission! Three intrepid LWB volunteers recently took part in the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon in Dublin, Ireland, to raise money for the children in the Henan Healing Home. Julie Flynn Coleman, the director of LWB’s Healing Homes, her daughter Robyn, and LWB volunteer Gina Hall were part of a crowd of 40,000 women all doing their part for the charity of their choice.

Julie wrote a bit about their day to give those of us who couldn’t be there some idea of the wonderful atmosphere. Read more.

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Behind the Scenes: New Arrivals at the Healing Homes

Have you ever read about a new arrival to one of our healing homes and wondered about how that little one ended up there? We know our volunteers make it look fairly effortless, but the reality is that a whole lot of communication and travel are usually involved before a new baby is safely tucked into her new home. Read more.

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Day Four of the 2012 Cleft Exchange

Today one of the volunteers said it is a shame that these trips don’t last two weeks, as everyone has truly hit their stride, and the entire China/American team is working seamlessly together to help the kids.

Thursday morning was very busy as many rural families came to the hospital to check in and lots of babies were being discharged. The OR day began at 8 a.m. with two local children going into surgery for palate repairs. Xian was Dr. Ness’ first patient today. She is a very beautiful girl with a very attentive dad. Dr. Ness said that she was so lovely that he wanted to do a lip revision as well as her palate so that she wouldn’t have any scar at all. Read more.

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Day Three of the Cleft Exchange: Happy Birthday, Dr. Ness!

All of us at LWB sure are happy that Dr. John Ness came into this world a few decades ago. Before we tell you about the surgery day, we just want to thank this very special man, who has traveled with LWB on cleft trips multiple times to change the lives of so many children. We had an extra special surprise for him today, when we asked him to sit back on one of the hospital beds so the very grateful nannies could make a “baby pile” on his lap in honor of all he has done. Following the photo, the nannies all sang a very special happy birthday song in Chinese to him. Later that night he was presented with a dragon cake, and we hope this was a birthday he will never forget. Read more.

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The First Day of the 2012 Cleft Exchange

It took quite awhile for me to fall asleep on Sunday night, as I was thinking about what a huge responsibility our team feels for the children who have come to Kaifeng this week for their cleft repairs. Before I traveled, I of course knew that we would be putting babies to sleep in the OR for their surgeries, but it wasn’t until yesterday, when I met these incredible kids in person, that the full weight of wanting everything to go smoothly became the heaviest. I am so grateful to all of the donors and supporters for LWB who are making these surgeries possible. The nannies and foster moms have such obvious hopes for their children to be healed. You are making such a difference in their lives. Read more.

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Santa Babies

Merry Christmas to all from the babies at the Henan Healing Home! Read more.

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