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Amazing Grace is Home

When we first learned that Grace’s abdomen was beginning to fill up again with tumors, we began a multi-month search for the best possible options for her. The prices we were given by hospitals in the US were staggering, and we had difficulty getting firm answers on her care. And then right when we started […]

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Amazing Grace

After 18 long hours, Grace’s surgery to remove extensive abdominal tumors was complete at 1am local time in Belgium. We are happy to report that she is recovering well. Grace’s mom was right by her bedside after she had been settled in the ICU. Although her mom looked tired, she must have been so relieved the procedure was over and that Grace had come through such a long and complex operation.

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More than Halfway There For Grace!

I am just so humbled by the generosity shown to Grace, the sweet Ugandan girl who needs immediate surgery for her abdominal tumors. We are now at nearly 70% of the funds needed, with $35,000 being raised in just a few short days. THANK YOU for your amazing kindness!

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