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Uganda Pediatric Surgery Mission: Day Five

The Ugandan people are celebrated for their spirit of generosity. Did you know that Uganda accepts more people fleeing persecution and war-torn lands than any other country on earth?  Over 1.4 million refugees have found safety in her borders.  When asked why such a poverty-stricken country would continue to help others in need, most Ugandans simply answer, “Because it’s the right thing to do.” Even those who have nothing material to give still offer their abundant prayers.

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Healing Transformations

On social media, Thursday is sometimes a day to reflect on transformations. Before and after. Then and now. This Thursday, we want to share some of the amazing changes that have taken place with children in our healing programs this year.

Callie_2015-03-22 (4) (1)

Tiny Callie, for instance, was found on a cold February morning weighing just over three pounds, and her orphanage immediately called us for help. Read more.

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A Comforting Presence

Can you imagine how frightening it must be for babies like Mark to be in the hospital as they are examined by nurses and doctors, poked and prodded for this test and that, and prepped for surgery? Little Mark has had many difficulties to overcome in his short life, but fortunately he did not have to endure them alone. His trusted ayi, or nanny, came with him from the orphanage when he was admitted to an Anhui hospital for fevers and a suspected megacolon/intestinal blockage.
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