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Scotty Stole My Heart!

In 2004, when I first had the opportunity to work in a Chinese orphanage, there was one little girl who captured my heart. I was amazed by the fact that I could be caring for 200 babies and yet have one that stood out as so special and dear to my heart. Leaving her after eight days of serving in her orphanage was one of the most difficult things I’ve done. And so when the time for my next trip to serve in another orphanage came, I told myself I would not fall in love with one child in particular. Much as I tried, another little girl stole my heart. Now when I work in the orphanages, I know that it’s inevitable – there will always be one or two children that I will form a special bond with – one or two children whose faces are forever etched on my mind and heart and whom daily remain in my prayers. On my most recent trip to China in May 2010, Scott was one of two of the over 500 children I encountered that captured my heart.
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