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Last week, a tiny baby boy came into the world weighing just 1 kg.  When he was found outside, he was taken to the local orphanage.  Staff there called LWB immediately to see if we could help him, as his body was extremely cold and he was spitting up green fluid.  


We moved this fragile preemie to the biggest children’s hospital in his province, where he remains today fighting for his life. Read more.

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Prayers for Baby Faith

At the end of February, we were contacted by a rural orphanage in Anhui.  They had just taken in a  newborn baby girl with a spinal tumor that had most likely ruptured during her birth.  Our medical program team moved her immediately to a hospital in Shanghai, and surgery was performed right away.  We knew that she would need many prayers, as once a tumor has broken open, the risk of serious infection is high.  We were cautiously optimistic when she came through surgery well, and her first reports were positive. Read more.

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