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Hooray for Ryder

At the very end of 2019, we received an urgent call from an orphanage who had received a newborn baby in critical condition.  Tiny Ryder was moved right away to the provincial children’s hospital, where he  spent the first four months of his life in an ICU incubator.

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Luna the Lionhearted

After complex heart surgery and three weeks in intensive care, Luna is off the ventilator at last…and is drinking from a bottle! Is it any wonder we call her Luna the Lionhearted?

Luna2 12.30.15

Luna is just ten months old.  When we first learned about her, she had been declared “inoperable”.  Since birth, Luna has struggled with lung infections in addition to her heart defect. Read more.

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Luna: Defying the Odds And Fighting On

Luna has proven to be a mighty warrior and continues to defy all odds.

luna waiting

Once declared “inoperable”, this beautiful little girl is only ten months old and has struggled since birth with her health. In addition to battling a significant congenital heart defect, Luna has fought life-threatening lung infections again and again. Read more.

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Since I returned from my recent trip to China at the end of October, my thoughts have been with the newly abandoned babies in the hospitals. As I walked through the huge wards of critically ill children, rooms overflowing with dozens of children in every possible space, I realized just how strong orphaned babies with medical needs must be. Read more.

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Christi: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

10-13 Christi 7

The beginning of Christi’s life is nearly unimaginable: She was born with a condition called gastroschisis, which means that there was a large hole in her abdominal wall, and several organs (including her liver and intestines) were exposed and on the outside of her body. LWB was contacted immediately upon Christi’s arrival at the orphanage, and she was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery (read more on our blog, “Emergency Medical Treatment for Baby Christi“). Read more.

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