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The International Adoption Process: Where Do I Begin?


Love Without Boundaries is not an adoption agency. However, most of the children we work with are considered orphans who could potentially be adopted domestically or internationally, and so naturally we talk with many families who are thinking about whether international adoption might be a good fit for them. So during this November — National Adoption Month — we thought we would go through some of the basic considerations for people considering international adoption. Read more.

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What About the Boys?

Many of us have ideas in our head about what adoption from China looks like. These ideas have likely been influenced by media (i.e., the 2005 film, “China’s Lost Girls”), press (covering China’s one-child policy), friends, family, and maybe even our own experiences.


Over the years, adoption from China has evolved in a number of ways. You might have previously read our blog series about The Changing Face of China’s Orphans. Read more.

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Meet Miss Meghan

In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, LWB is posting a series of blogs about adopting a child with this special need.  

meg home 2

“Aren’t you terrified your child will have Down syndrome?” Those were the first words my friend asked me when I told her my husband and I were expecting our first child. I was slightly taken aback; the possibility hadn’t really struck me – and if it had, well, Down syndrome seemed like such an easy disability to face.
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Return to Kaili

Our first full day in China was spent in Qiandongnan, in the southeastern part of Guizhou province.  This was my third visit to this mountainous region, and I always love coming here because the foster families in our program are just fantastic.  As I’ve mentioned in past blogs, Qiandongnan is a Miao and Dong minority prefecture.

One of the first kids we met was Cecilia, seen above, who was leaving for her adoption day just a few hours after we arrived.   Read more.

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Layla’s Happily Ever After

Once upon a time… a baby girl was born in China but was abandoned shortly after her birth. She was fortunate enough to be adopted by a local family as an infant, and her life as a daughter began.

Little Layla’s story sadly doesn’t end there. Her parents eventually divorced, and she was raised by her loving mom. When Layla was six, her world fell apart when her mother passed away and she was an orphan once again. Read more.

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Sierra is Thriving

The last time we featured Sierra (in “Sierra, Sweet and Smart“) in October 2012, she was still in a hospital room, reading her beloved books and playing with her toys. She had been abandoned with spinal tuberculosis and was in the hospital waiting for medical treatment. Now she has graduated to foster care where she is evidently thriving! Read more.

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Cleft Beauties

Babies with cleft lip often have a very difficult time in an orphanage setting since they often face special challenges in drinking from a bottle. Orphanages frequently contact us when they have a baby born with cleft who becomes failure to thrive. We have seen remarkable transformations occur in our homes, and so many lives have been saved. Read more.

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Qi: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Meet Qi! He is a sweet, tiny boy who just joined LWB’s Believe in Me Huainan School last fall upon turning age two. Qi is in a preschool classroom with other students his age. He is adjusting well to his new school and is making many friends. Qi’s teachers have worked hard to help Qi build his cognitive, emotional, and physical skills.

Qi stays busy exploring all of the things a typical two-year-old might enjoy, including dressing up in fancy costumes! Read more.

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Jennai: An Adoption Success Story

LWB first met Emily a year ago, and who could forget her! This spunky little girl with a big personality was dealing with multiple special needs, including three missing limbs, cleft lip, and a heart defect. Emily had her cleft lip surgery during our 2012 Cleft Medical Exchange last April and then stayed at Heartbridge Healing Home before and after her heart surgery. In December Emily, now named Jennai, was adopted by her American family. Read more.

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John Waits

John is a child whom many of us have watched grow up.  Part of our foster care program in Anhui since 2008, we have seen monthly reports on him for many years, and LWB volunteers have met with him on numerous occasions when they visited his village.  He has truly grown into a boy who is full of fun!  John has been on the shared list for several years now, and he also is the recipient of an adoption assistance grant.  Boys are typically chosen for adoption less frequently than girls (see Amy Eldridge’s blog post, “The Adoption of Boys“).  Despite this, and despite the fact that with each passing year John’s chances of being adopted become slimmer, we hold onto hope that an incredible family is out there for this special boy.

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