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Healing Transformations

On social media, Thursday is sometimes a day to reflect on transformations. Before and after. Then and now. This Thursday, we want to share some of the amazing changes that have taken place with children in our healing programs this year.

Callie_2015-03-22 (4) (1)

Tiny Callie, for instance, was found on a cold February morning weighing just over three pounds, and her orphanage immediately called us for help. Read more.

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Herakles: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Herakles was born in rural Guizhou Province with a heart defect and an intestinal obstruction. Through LWB’s Medical Program, he received life-saving surgery for both conditions.


In August Herakles arrived at LWB’s True Children’s Healing Home (TCHH) in Fujian, where he is receiving one-on-one care from experienced nannies and an on-site medical team. Read more.

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I Need My Coffee!

Once a month, our Beijing Regional Manager, Cindy, visits all the children at our Heartbridge Pediatric Healing Unit. Cindy takes great pride in sending us beautiful photos of our happy babies…but Douglas here has not been cooperating lately. You see, Douglas — like many of us — is NOT a morning person!

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