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A Grateful 2013

Last night I took my daughter to see Les Miserables, and on the way home we talked about how well they captured the misery and poverty of the time period. It made me remember a conversation I had with my high school English teacher when I was a teen. I was devouring every Jane Austen novel I could find, and the innocent romantic in me told him how much I wished I had lived back then instead of now. He looked over his glasses at me and said, “The odds you would have been born into aristocracy were slim to none. You would have been a peasant. Half of your children would have died in infancy. The smell of smallpox and plagues would permeate your world, and you probably would have died by age 40.” KA BOOM. Back to reality. And yes, I loved that teacher because he always made me think. Read more.

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