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Brothers and Sisters in Adoption

The Joint Council on International Children’s Services and Adoption Learning Partners invite you to join them for a lunch-and-learn discussion called “Brothers and Sisters in Adoption.” This webinar will discuss ways to help children navigate relationships when new kids join the family. Experts will share transition tips and strategies for welcoming a toddler or school-aged child home, focusing on preparing brothers and sisters prior to adoption and the first year after adoption. Read more.

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One Life At a Time

Today I was asked what my job was, and I explained that I help orphaned children. The response was one that I get often: “Oh, it must feel wonderful to help kids like that.” I smiled and said I agreed even while thinking that it definitely isn’t “wonderful” to have to turn children away who are critically ill or to fall in love with a child only to get the call that, despite your efforts, she has passed away in an orphanage.

There are now over 175 volunteers who give of their time each day to help run LWB’s programs. There aren’t enough words to tell them how grateful I am for their help. They are moms and dads and social workers and grandparents, all of whom closely watch over the kids in our programs. They are people whose hearts are often broken when a child in their program becomes sick or needs help that isn’t available or sadly isn’t chosen for adoption. Sometimes they call me and tell me they don’t know if they can do the work anymore because it is so much harder than expected and because their own hearts HURT when a child is hurting as well.
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Thoughts Following the JCICS Annual Meeting

Last week, I attended the annual Joint Council on International Children’s Services annual meeting in New York City, both to hear the conference presentations as well as to present a workshop on the benefits of foster care to orphaned children.  Some of the most well known people in orphan care were in attendance, along with government officials and many wonderful adoption agencies.

One of the keynote speakers was Jean-Robert Cadet who grew up as a child slave in Haiti and has talked before the UN and Congress about his experiences.  His presentation was very emotional and powerful.  He openly shared the realities of what he experienced as a child, including growing up without a family and how that deeply impacted him into adulthood. 
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Is International Adoption Slowly Dying? Thoughts from the JCICS Conference

Last week, I was able to attend and speak at a conference in Baltimore, sponsored by the Joint Council for International Children’s Services (JCICS).  JCICS is a membership-based advocacy organization for orphaned children around the world.  During this conference, I was able to hear presentations by agency representatives, international adoption doctors, government advocates on international adoption, and a young man who had been orphaned.  As I met these people, I was struck by how kind they are and how much they genuinely care about children.

Getting to meet so many of the adoption agency staff with whom we have worked was so inspiring.  Each was so passionate about placing the waiting children on China’s shared list. Currently, there are more than 1600 children with medical needs who now wait for a family.  Most people don’t understand that adoptions from China aren’t slowing for children with a special need.  There are so many children waiting every day who would love a family of their own.
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