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Brothers and Sisters in Adoption

The Joint Council on International Children’s Services and Adoption Learning Partners invite you to join them for a lunch-and-learn discussion called “Brothers and Sisters in Adoption.” This webinar will discuss ways to help children navigate relationships when new kids join the family. Experts will share transition tips and strategies for welcoming a toddler or school-aged child home, focusing on preparing brothers and sisters prior to adoption and the first year after adoption. Read more.

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Honoring Birthfathers

Earlier this week, the Joint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS) posted a question on their Facebook page that got us thinking, and we thought we would pose it to our readers. On Mother’s Day, many adoptive families honor their child’s birthmother. Does your family do something similar for birthfathers on Father’s Day? If not, why not? Is it too difficult to explain the concept of a birthfather to younger children? How do you get your children thinking about their birthfathers?

Many of us have struggled with this issue, and we look forward to hearing how you handle it.  Please join the conversation and let us know!
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